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MacPay für direkten Zugang zu bLink

Im Bereich der Verbindungen und des Datenaustauschs zwischen Kunden und ihren Banken ist einiges in Bewegung. Die vielversprechendsten Entwicklungen kommen aus der Entwicklung des Open Banking, das moderne, nicht-proprietäre Standards für den Austausch von Bankdaten definiert. Der Trend ist weltweit und wird in der Schweiz in Form von bLink umgesetzt, einer Plattform für die Verbindung […]

A month later

It has now been a month since we have launched MacPay+. A long month for sure. First, thank-you to all of you who bought the product and congratulated us on the release and the pleasure of discovering this new version. A great reward for the hard work that went into the development and associated changes […]

A good review and discussion of MacPay+ on cuk.ch

Yesterday, the Swiss site cuk.ch published a very good and thorough review of MacPay+. A lengthy discussion followed with some users on the interest of such software. Always interesting for us to be given the opportunity to explain our product, especially as Cuk enjoys a large base of articulate contributors.

Welcome to the garage

We are pleased to welcome you behind our (new) garage’s door. We are going to use this space to post facts, figures, rants, hopes, ideas and everything that crosses our minds on MacPay’s development in particular and the Swiss e-banking world in general. We’ll try to explain where we are going and why, the difficulties we […]