A month later

It has now been a month since we have launched MacPay+. A long month for sure.

First, thank-you to all of you who bought the product and congratulated us on the release and the pleasure of discovering this new version. A great reward for the hard work that went into the development and associated changes like this website. If you feel like sharing your thoughts with others, don’t be shy: you can comment and rate your purchase directly on the product page, you can subscribe to our twitter feed @macpayplus (where we can fast track support and general info about e-banking), you can even like our Facebook page (we know, not much to like there, but it will come).

Next, sorry for those who experienced small and bigger problems. This is one of the lessons learned: the beta testing was great but limited to advanced users, generally users of the Business version. The success of our upgrade policy means we now had to convert a large number of Standard users who never were confronted to the direct connexion to their bank. And it showed unfortunately: database conversion problems and a large number of general support queries have been, how shall I put it, testing ?

Things are getting quieter now with tonight’s 6th release in a single month. Our phased roll-out (our Swiss-German friends have not been informed officially yet) was not planned but seems now the best idea we had. We think we have now ironed out all the major time consuming issues and things should be smoother. Stay tuned !

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  1. Käppeli
    Käppeli says:

    Hallo zusammen,
    habe Mac Pay Business seit längerem im Gebrauch und bin super zufrieden.
    Jetzt höre ich von der Postfinance, dass ISO-20022 verlangt wird.

    Frage; kann ich Mac Pay Business in Zukunft auch gebrauchen oder muss ich auf Mac Pay + wechseln?

    • François
      François says:

      Die Migration zu ISO 20022 wird nur durch MacPay+ erfolgen. Für PostFinance kommt eine ISO-fähige version von MacPay+ noch in diesem Semester.


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