More than 30 advanced functions

MacPay+ redefines the standard for payment software on macOS.

General features

Modernized general interface | All the interface has been redesigned for more precision and user-friendliness: the icons have been redesigned, the banks are made visible by their logos, the general coherence of the windows is more developed. The menus have been restructured and many texts simplified. The columns that can be displayed are more numerous and their display more flexible.

Share your data on a network or via DropBox© | MacPay+ allows you to place your data on an internal server or in DropBox. It allows everyone to have the same information on family or professional finances or simply to have their data on several machines.

More flexible preferences | Payment folders that are no longer in use can be hidden as needed and account updating disabled on an account by account basis.

Reworked printouts | The printing of lists has been reworked in depth for better management of columns and formats.

MacPay+ has undergone a lot of internal work to make it better able to adopt new macOS technologies as they are introduced. For this reason, compatibility is limited to three versions of macOS: the current version and two previous versions.

ISO 20022 compatibility | MacPay+ is continuously adapted to the important changes taking place in Swiss financial institutions in accordance with the official timetables of the banks and PostFinance.

Dual license | MacPay+ can now be activated online. The license is valid for two machines instead of one. The entire package is managed by a user account on

Entering invoices and payments

QR-Bill entry | QR-Bills are automatically processed like old bills when scanned from a PDF. MacPay also offers direct entry from an iPhone without additional software. MacPy is compatible with external QR code readers. Finally, QR-Bills can be created manually in ad-hoc newsletters.

Paymentshave a detailed status, a filter by due date and recurrence, like a calendar event. An automatic course search allows the display of global balances in CHF. Payments entered during a session are now visible in bold in the list.

Standing orders | Payments can be defined as standing orders and thus automatically reappear in the entry list. A kind of standing order depending on the frequency you choose.

Recipient Management | A new window for managing registered recipients has been created. It offers a quick overview and allows to update the data to the new transaction types automatically. Old account numbers can be converted to IBAN.

Bank connections

Sending payments | MacPay+ is the only payment software on macOS that can connect directly to the bank to transmit your payments, making the process faster, more comfortable and more secure.

Simultaneously with transferring payments, MacPay+ canretrieve all your bank account entries and update the balance to give you a complete view of your assets.

E-documents | When made available by the bank, e-documents (PDFs) are downloaded, filed and displayed by MacPay+, eliminating the risk of misplacing them or having the bank delete them after a few months.

Archiving and filing of invoices and payments

Filing of invoices | MacPay+ has a second viewing window that allows you to display your scanned invoices in PDF. This allows you to dispense with your invoice binders entirely and reprint a document if necessary. You will always have everything at hand.

Complete and accessible archives | The ways of displaying archives, by account, by recipient, by group or by order have been clarified, the graphics reworked. MacPay always shows you the current year and gives you access to your payments from previous years without the need to open a new annual payment binder.

Exports, accounting and VAT

Export to Excel | Executed payments as well as account entries (credit and debit) downloaded from banks have an Excel export for external processing.

VAT documentation | You can export all the elements that MacPay+ has to prepare your VAT statement with a single click, quarter by quarter: your invoices, payment orders, bank statements, and entries will be exported in an ad hoc folder ideal for your fiduciary.

Accounting exports have been enriched with a VAT field and the columns of the financial accounts can now be displayed. An automated and transparent accounting export works with MacCompta of DailySoft.