Welcome to the garage

We are pleased to welcome you behind our (new) garage’s door. We are going to use this space to post facts, figures, rants, hopes, ideas and everything that crosses our minds on MacPay’s development in particular and the Swiss e-banking world in general. We’ll try to explain where we are going and why, the difficulties we are facing and how we think things could be better. This place will not be a user forum although comments are welcome. If you need help, please start with our FAQ page and if unsuccessful, use our helpdesk.

We’ll also use the space to relay information which might be of interest to you: the latest information about attacks on e-banking from MELANI comes to mind as a good example.

And one more thing … we’ll publish exclusively in English as a four-language translation is beyond the scope of this little project. Feel free to comment, however, in your preferred language.